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Topic: Campus English- Dropping the Course 主題: 校園英語 – 退選課程   對話內容: A: Hey, Lina. How was your first day at school? A: 嘿,麗娜。你在學校的第一天怎麼樣? B: Honestly, I love all of my classes, except psychology. B: 說實話,除了心理學,我喜歡我所有的課程。 A: What's the matter? I remember you said you would minor in counseling. Psychology is a required course, isn't it? A: 怎麼了?我記得妳說妳要輔修諮商。心理學是必修,不是嗎? B: Yeah. But I don't like the teacher's lecture. His lecture is tedious, so I think I'm going to drop this course. B: 是啊。但我不喜歡心理學教授的講課。他講課很乏味,所以我想退選這門課。   焦點單字片語: drop the course 退選課程 major in 主修 minor in 副修


Topic: Campus English-Applying to Universities 主題: 校園英語 – 申請入學   對話內容: A: Have you got your report card yet? A: 你收到成績單了嗎? B: Yeah. How about you? B: 有啊。你呢? A: Yes, I got it. Which school are you going to apply to? A: 我收到成績單了。你打算申請哪所學校? B: I want to apply for admission into a public university, but my scores are really low. So... B: 我想申請公立大學,但我的分數很低。所以... A: How about a private one? A: 要不要考慮申請私立大學? B: My parents prefer me to study in a public school. B: 我爸媽希望我就讀公立大學。 A: Then I think the only thing you can do is to take the second entrance exam. A: 我覺得你唯一能做的就是參加第二次入學考試。   焦點單字片語: apple for admission into… 申請入學進入… entrance exam 入學考試


Topic: Campus English- Preparing for the Test 主題: 校園英語 – 準備考試 對話內容:  A: How have you been? A:你最近怎麼樣? B: My brain is fried. B: 我的腦袋快爆了! A: Cramming for your midterm again, huh? I know how you feel. A:又在臨時抱佛腳準備期中考試,是吧?我懂你! B: Yeah. I don't have my brain in gear. B: 對啊! 我的大腦根本無法運作。 焦點單字片語:  cram for the test 臨時抱佛腳 quiz 小考 pop quiz 隨堂測驗 midterm 期中考 finals 期末考


Topic: Campus English- Syllabus 主題: 校園英語 – 授課大綱 對話內容:  A: Hi, Jack. Did you check your syllabus for your accounting course? A: 嗨, 傑克。你有沒有仔細看過你的會計課的授課大綱呢? B: Certainly. My syllabus stinks. I'll have lots of exams. And the professor will take a roll call every class. B: 當然。我的授課大綱很爛,考試很多,教授每次上課都會點名。 A: Too bad. All I have to do is to hand in two term papers and give one oral presentation. A: 太慘了。我只要交兩份學期報告報告,再加上一次口頭報告就可以囉! B: Boy! I do envy you for that. B: 天啊!我真羨慕你! 焦點單字片語:  syllabus 授課大綱 take a roll call 點名 oral presentation 口頭報告


Topic: Campus English- Orientation 主題: 校園英語 – 迎新會 對話內容:  A: Hi, Jason. Do you think it’s good to attend my university's student orientation? A: 嗨,傑森。你覺得我要不要去參加大學迎新會啊? B: Sure. It's a great opportunity to get a glimpse of your new school. It will help you make the transition to college life. B: 當然。這是一個了解你的新學校的絕佳機會。迎新會可以幫助你融入大學生活。 A: But will it be too boring?  A: 但是,會不會很無聊啊? B: I don't think so. A variety of interesting social events are usually arranged as part of the orientation. B: 不會喔! 迎新會通常會安排各種有趣的社交活動。 焦點單字片語:  orientation 迎新會 get a glimpse of… 約略了解 make the transition to…融入… social event 社交活動