• Like what? 像什麼一樣呢?

Like what? 像什麼一樣呢?




[學習目標]: 學習英文中用as…as…描述意境的相關的字詞

Practice Target: Learn some useful expressions as…as in English.


Dialogue: (情境對話)

Hope : Hey, Joey, how come I haven’t seen Michael lately?

Joey : Oh, he is as sick as a dog and he is home in bed now.

Hope : Poor guy. What happened to him?

Joey : He caught a cold right after he finished that big project last week.

Hope : Oh, right! He was as busy as a beaver last time when I saw him.

Joey : By the way, did you see Alice was as quiet as a mouse during the meeting this morning?

Hope : I didn’t even notice her there.

Joey : Yes, she can be as sly as a fox when she wants to be.

Hope : Probably she was just taking notes and listening in on everyone else’s conversations.

Joey : You might be right. She just didn’t want to join the discussion.

Hope : Anyway, did you see Jack earlier this afternoon?

Joey : No, I was in Ms. Lin’s office, talking about the new project. What happened to him?

Hope : Nothing much. His computer crashed and he lost all his unsaved work. He was as mad as a March hare. He kept cursing for losing all the file.

Joey : Poor him. Speaking of animals, I am as hungry as a bear right now. Have you got anything to eat?

Hope : Yes. Here’s a pie. It’s very sweet.

Joey : Thanks. Hmm… It tastes as smooth as silk.

Hope : Don’t you think it’s as sweet as sugar?

Joey : Yes, it is as sweet as sugar. And it’s just what I need. It’s really tasty.

Hope : I can’t wait to finish work right away. It’s Friday!

Joey : Why? You’ve got any plan?

Hope : Well, I just can’t wait to have a good meal. Want to join me?

Joey : Sure. Where can we have dinner?

Hope : It’s easy. I can reserve a table for two right on the App…….See. Done! It’s as easy as a pie.

Joey : It seems you are going to be as free as a bird after work.

Hope : I am. This is life. What we can do is to remain as happy as a Lark!

Joey : Agree!

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Joey(劉怡彣) / Hope(張慧玲)


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