• couchspace沙發心理 創辦人 張氏兄弟 Daniel & Frank - Part 2 國語 *couchspace Chang Brothers Daniel & Frank - Part 2 Mandarin

couchspace沙發心理 創辦人 張氏兄弟 Daniel & Frank - Part 2 國語 *couchspace Chang Brothers Daniel & Frank - Part 2 Mandarin

邀訪來賓:couchspace 創辦人Frank Chen 張祖勲couchspace 創辦人Daniel Chen 張祖榮播出日期:2023/03/10

*Friday Happy Hour in Formosa Episode #10 第10集*
couchspace’s Chang Brothers Daniel & Frank - Part 2 *Mandarin
couchspace沙發心理 創辦人 張氏兄弟 Daniel & Frank - Part 2 *國語

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準備好來聽 couchspace沙發心理 張氏兄弟 Daniel 跟 Frank 的國語版的采訪了嗎?Frank跟Daniel他們研發出來的這個 couchspace 沙發心理 app是在台灣首款結合近年流行的正念冥想與剛合法的遠距諮商服務的平台。他們期盼透過這個更便利、更多元、更專業的抒發方式,喚起更多人對日常心理健康的重視、幫助大家找到內心的平靜並讓療癒成為日常。在他們couchspace的網站有這麽一句話! 

 “沒有心理健康,就沒有真正的健康 No Health Without mental health. “

心理疾病已成為僅次於心臟病的全球人類第二大疾病,在台灣,每年有 2,800,000 萬人診斷出精神疾病。這麼重要的健康話題卻常常被一般人忽視。也許是亞洲人普遍對這種精神疾病話題比較敏感吧?若是你或是你身邊有家人或朋友有這一類的疑惑的話,非常推薦大家去下載喔!

Now that you’ve listened to my interview with Daniel and Frank last week, are you ready for the Mandarin version? This is def a great episode if you are at that stage of learning Mandarin where you want to test out your listening comprehension skills! Daniel and Frank have drawn on their personal journeys and experiences and developed this app just for the Taiwanese market hoping to bring more awareness to mental health and to promote the benefits of meditation. Online therapy is still a new thing here in Taiwan and the Chen brothers believe couchspace will be able to help those who might not have the courage to seek mental health assistance since it’s still kind of a taboo subject for most people here. 

I also highly urge that you try this app if you are learning Mandarin because if you can get yourself to a meditative mental state in a language you are still learning, that means you are truly comprehending! 

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