• Friday Happy Hour in Formosa 的2022大回顧 Reflecting on Friday Happy Hour in Formosa 2022 Part 1

Friday Happy Hour in Formosa 的2022大回顧 Reflecting on Friday Happy Hour in Formosa 2022 Part 1

邀訪來賓:NAJackson TanNAKate NicolsonNAJonathan BoothNAJulia Espinoza Crian Padayachee播出日期:2023/01/13

*Friday Happy Hour in Formosa 2023 Episode #2 第2集*
主題: Friday Happy Hour in Formosa 的2022大回顧
Theme: Reflecting on Friday Happy Hour in Formosa’s 2022 

人客來坐 My Taiwan Story
I originally had planned to invite a few of my favorite past guests on the show to join me on the last episode of 2022 to share with us their experiences being on the show! But as you know, due to a certain admin issue, I had to replay some old content. We are already halfway through January of the new year, but technically according to the lunar calendar,  the new year of the rabbit is just about to begin! So it’s only fitting that we check in on these VIPs to give us some updates on what’s been new with them! 

Obviously, all my past guests are special. But these guests below hold a significant and special meaning for me and the show which I will be explaining on the show~ 

Episode #1 Jackson Tan
Co-Founder and Creative Director at the Singaporean-based creative agency BLACK 

Episode#3 Kate Nicolson / Jonathan Booth
New Zealand husband & wife duo (Kate Nicholson Ceramics/Triple B Brew Bike Booth) 
Episode #6 Julia Espinoza 
Artist & Singer - Art by Jules / Cafe Con Pan
Episode #16 Crain Padayachee
South African Podcaster (Inside Crypto) and content creator for the wonderful crypto company Amun.
Episode #25  Jenn Cheng 
My SUPER awesome niece Jenn aka my Taiwan Cultural Encyclopedia



第1集 Episode #1 新加坡創作者/BLACK 創意總監 Jackson Tan
第3集 Episode #紐西蘭夫妻 自由作家和編輯 Kate Nicolson / 長春藤美語老師 Jonathan Booth (Triple B's Brew Bike Booth) 
第6集 人美心更美的 Julia Espinoza (Art by Jules / Cafe Con Pan)
第16集 來自南非的加密貨幣Insdie Crypto Podcast播客節目的主持人Crain Padayachee
第25集 Jenn 鄭婷之 我表姐的女兒 (這樣子說有沒有聽起來我沒有那麼老…)我有任何台灣新聞時事的問題都可以找她! 


Cafe Con Pan - "Felices Los 4" (Happy as 4)

Friday Happy Hour in Formosa
Friday Happy Hour in Formosa
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