• PACK巴克幫-浪犬之家執行長 Larry Chi Part I * Richard Part 1 - From Corporate World to Helping Stray Dogs of Taiwan

PACK巴克幫-浪犬之家執行長 Larry Chi Part I * Richard Part 1 - From Corporate World to Helping Stray Dogs of Taiwan

邀訪來賓:PACK Taiwan 巴克幫-浪犬 之家 執行長Larry Chi先生播出日期:2022/09/02

*Friday Happy Hour in Formosa 第27集*

主題: Larry企業管理主管轉 PACK巴克幫-浪犬之家執行長  
Theme: Richard Part 1 - From Corporate World to Helping Stray Dogs of Taiwan

*我愛Taiwan 臺灣人客來坐(人物會客室)

認識我的人應該都知道我很愛動物。其實我一直有在規劃邀請來賓,來探討灣流浪狗的問題。這個禮拜我的夢想終於實現了!這個禮拜,很榮幸邀請到 PACK Taiwan巴克幫-浪犬之家的執行長 Larry Chi來跟我一起討論灣流浪狗的問題。同時也很高興,能夠藉這個機會,讓大家聽到看到 PACK Taiwan巴克幫-浪犬之家,在灣所為流浪狗狗們努力做的一切。因為 Larry 是裔美國人,所以他把從小到大在國外所見的一切知識以及技能,貢獻了給 PACK Taiwan 巴克幫-浪犬之家 !
因為我真的想讓更多的聽眾更了解,灣流浪貓狗這個問題的重要性,所以特別請Larry 跟我一起做中英對照的採訪。我會把節目分成上下兩段,然後分成兩集的節目播出。不管你是在學中文或英文也好,這一集是非常適合你,真的訓練自己的聽力!
Everyone that knows me knows that I am a big animal lover so I've DYING to do an episode to raise awareness on the problem of stray dogs here in Taiwan.Well, I've got my wish and some more! I am so honored to have this opportunity to interview the Executive Director & GM of PACK Taiwan 巴克幫-浪犬之家  (People for Animal Care and Kindness)
PACK Taiwan 巴克幫-浪犬之家  is a non-profit and non-government organization that aspires to revolutionize the rehabilitation and rehoming of stray dogs in Taiwan. PACK's shelter strives to provide a higher standard of care for nearly 250 "forgotten" dogs—the homeless, sick, disabled, senior and neglected. We walk with them on the journey from street to home and give them the tools they need to find a forever home.
Join me and Larry, the winner of the TV series Cesar's Recruit: Asia Season 3, this and next Friday for this extensive two-arts English/Mandarin interview. *This will also be a great chance for you to practice your English/Mandarin listening skills!

Friday Happy Hour in Formosa
Friday Happy Hour in Formosa
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